About Us

Fast growing Campus Administration and Learning Management company trusted by Educational Institutions across the world


Camu is a SaaS based solution for Education with focus on Achieving Academic Excellence for the Modern Educational Institution. Our campus and learning administration solution helps educational institutes achieve their best. Camu is on its path to becoming the world’s leading Campus Management solution and is trusted by some of the top Universities, Colleges and Schools across the world, choosing us to be part of their success story.


We believe that people fulfill their potential when they're happiest, so we create a fun environment where we can all excel. We love to do our best, and we learn how to do better. Every company has an underlying keystone around which it revolves. For us, it's our untiring devotion to user experience. We go to lengths that others would consider extreme. We believe in engineering for the user, not for the company.


Integrity, Trust and Respect

We believe through open and honest communication we will help our stackholders succeed

Executing to Perfection

From customer satisfaction to the finest detail, We believe in reaching perfection in all that we do

Enterpreneurial thought

We believe in allowing ourselves to think creatively and acting on those ideas straightaway

Passion and collaboration

We believe if you are passionate about what you do you can always find a way to accomplish your goals. Sharing this passion with the people around us help us do our jobs better.

Leadership Team



Mouli Kumar