Camu is the most intuitive and Comprehensive
Campus Management Solution

Campus Administration

ONE-STOP solution for managing all administrative needs. Starting from Marketing/Enquiries to the Examination Management, student placement, alumni process and everything in between.

Learning Management

Enables institutions to breakaway from the competition through technology. Outcome based education (OBE), Flipped classrooms, Online assessments, submission of assignments online, student goal setting to highlight a few.

Student Parent Collaboration

Most creative & practical app based collaboration between the teacher, student & parents. See below the complete feature list.

Camu for Higher Education

Automate complete Administrative and Learning processes

Intuitive Marketing module which can identify the source of enquiries and the conversion to Admissions. Create follow up plans and track the enquiries through a dashboard on the Camu mobile app.
Integration ready with social media based (Facebook) widgets, external web based enquiries

Complete control on the pre-admissions, entrance tests, and admissions process

Natively built for Outcome Based learning – define learning outcomes and measure attainment continuously

Choice Based Credit System(CBCS). Online student course enrolments, subject/course based automatic fees generation.
Camu simplifies the entire CBCS administration process. See the detailed CBCS section below to understand more

Go paperless with the Learning process – Course registration, Timetabling, Assignments, Online Assessments and Examination Grading

Automatic generation of bills based on course registration. Billing and payment history available in the student’s mobile app with the ability to pay online

Camu for Schools

Camu mobile app makes it easy to Take attendance, Enter exam marks, Assign homework and update Teaching plans - complete classroom administration using a mobile device. Camu provides a complete Mobile Device Management as an additional feature including the tablet devices for teachers

Track the teaching progress, student performance, attendance and homework performance in a dashboard

Set personalised goals for each student. Continuously track goals with performance and feedback to the parents

Student fee collections, payments in your finger tip on the Camu mobile app

CCE Reporting made extremely easy. Enter marks in the Camu mobile app and the system does the rest. Various CCE based reports are available to the parents in their portal and in the MyCamu mobile app on their Android and iOS phones

Parents have access to the Student’s Digital Record in their MyCamu mobile app. Attendance, Homework, Teaching Plans & Content, Messages, Examination Schedules, Report cards, Feedback, Billing and more..

Communication thru SMS, EMail and App messages. A no. of ‘automated’ messages for absence, billing reminders, assignments, late assignment submissions etc.. are available.

GPS based bus tracking, vehicle management for schools including tripsheets and service reminders. Live bus tracking for the parents, alerts based on bus proximity etc..

Core Modules


Student Record
HR & Payroll
Biometric Attendance
Transportation & Fleet Management
Student Health Record
Examination Management
Report Cards, Transcript
Inventory Management
Hostel Management
Library Management
Document Management
Visitor Management
Appointment Management
Online Enrollment
SMS, EMAIL Communication
Examination, Scheduling, Report Cards


Flipped Classrooms
Staff Planning
Online Assessments
Academic Plannig


Outcome Based Education
Choice Based Credit System
Go Paperless with Learning Management

Outcome Based Education

Camu is inherently designed to measure the performance of every process it performs.
In line with this principle the solution fully adopts the Learner centered
"Outcome based Education" methodology.

Objectives or Intended Learning Outcomes
Teaching and Learning Management
Attainment or Achieved Outcomes

Features of Camu - Outcome Based Education

Define Outcomes and seek approval from the the Board of Studies, Academic Council etc.. Total automation of the Outcome definition process

Measure the Outcome Attainment in comparison with the expected attainment

Define Expected attainment for the Learning Outcomes and track against the actual outcomes

Camu facilitates to increase the likelihood of most students achieving the outcomes

Set personalised goals for each student. Continously track goals with performance and feedback to the parents

Develop the Question Bank based on Blooms Taxonomy and link it to learning outcomes

Various simple methods needing very limited manual work are available for entering the marks by Assessment Question – OCR scanning, Excel upload, Entry using mobile app etc

Graphical representation of attainment levels in comparison with the goals

Provide outcome attainment chart to students in their MyCamu Portal and MyCamu mobile app

Choice Based Credit System

“A calibrated approach, not a one-size-fits-all approach, is the key to its success”.

Camu offers the Choice Based Credit System widely followed Internationally. The student
is fully empowered and at the center of the education system when implementing
OBE and CBCS together. Bringing in the 9 letter grading system with both relative
grading and absolute grading, Institutions can adopt the most suitable methodology for a Course.
The amount of 'learning completed' is also clearly identifiable with the no. of credit hours.

Features of Camu – CBCS

Define Course offering by Academic Year with the ability to version it which will ensure no student it deprived of what was offered initially

Timetabling is done for the Department considering all kinds of resource conflicts like staff, rooms & time

Set personalised goals for each student. Continously track goals with performance and feedback to the parents

Students can register and cancel courses online without any conflict schedules

Options to auto generate flat rate billing or credit hour based billing and common fees

Auto generate Invoices which students can view and pay on their mobile phone and print from the portal

Go Paperless with Learning Managemet

Camu is designed a with a single minded focus to improve the learning experience.
In order to drive this change the teacher must be able to seamlessly use IT without hassles.
Camu addresses this need through mobile apps.

Learning Management

First and foremost ZERO DATA ENTRY for Faculty for daily work

Paperless Learning process

– Lesson Plans, Supporting Material available real-time in the student portal

Flipped Classrooms

– Share a video, post an online assessment before the class

– Start the session with clarity on the level of understanding of the class

Online Assessments based on Blooms Taxonomy

– Question papers and online assessments based on the Blooms Taxonomy.

Online Assignments

– Schedule assignments, projects etc. through a simple touch.

– Electronic submission of assignments.

Academic Networking – First of a Kind

– Social networking type features designed for the staff and student to post comments and share their thoughts.

– Create special groups for project teams and collaborate.


Camu creates a collaboration platform in the form of virtual classrooms. Students can interact online with their faculty, discuss with classmates, ask questions, share their work, their thoughts and study material.

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