Higher Education

OBE - Outcome Based Education solved

Be Accreditations ready (NAAC, NBA, MQA and more)

Offers a truly flexible Choice Based Credit System (CBCS)

Go Mobile with all classroom activities

Meaningful collaboration with students

Outcome Based Education

Define organization vision and mission, program educational objectives, program outcomes and course outcomes

Design course outlay and establish the correlation between course outcomes and program outcomes

Camu automatically puts in perspective course outcome attainment in comparison with the expected attainment and with an individual student's outcome attainment

Review program outcome attainment periodically and take corrective actions to achieve the expected outcomes

Natively Built for Outcome Based Learning

Define learning outcomes and measure attainment continuously

Quality of Curriculum Design

Instant Visibility to Outcome

Status of Curriculum Delivery


Camu supports various accreditations in multiple geographies, including NBA, NAAC, MQA, NAB and many more

Compliant to principles of the Washington Accord

Achieve and sustain accreditations with detailed reports and custom analytics

Traditional Way

Multiple systems with manual aggregation

Training necessary for staff and faculty

Adoption challenges due to poor user experience

The Camu Way

Having one system, one process & solve accreditations

Get outcome attainment instantly, here and now

Do once, improve & re-use continously

Choice Based Credit System (Fully Flexible)

Students can enroll based on their course offering

Students can enroll for courses from the portal which ensures there are NO conflicts in the class timing and examination schedules

Course withdrawals and cancellations linked to billing

Student lists, attendance, assessments & assignments are linked to enrolment

Mobile First

Teaching Staff and Students go fully Mobile



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