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Cloud Based Mobile Platform for Universities, Colleges & Schools.

Camu is a modern, SaaS based ERP on the Cloud for Educational Institutes.




Mobile Device


Scalable & Easy To Use

Thousands of users already find Camu to be simple and easy to use. Camu is helping Institutes across the world re-invent a more effective campus & learning administration process.

Mobile App for staff

Teaching and Management Staff.
Learning & Campus Administration.

Web App for staff

Teaching and Management Staff.
Web App for Learning & Campus Administration.

Students and Parents. Collaboration.

Mobile App for students and parents.
Digital record and communication.

Web Portal for Students and Parents

Web portal for students and parents

Key Features

Academic Excellence. State of the art campus ERP. One solution.


With its MobileFirst approach, Camu's mobile applications are designed to totally take away the typing and data entry. Doing tasks as complex as marks entry only takes few touches and sliding your fingers. More complex tasks such as keeping the teaching plan up-to date, and assignment verification/feedback - is all a few touches away. Camu Staff mobile app provides entensive features to cover every aspect of teaching administration. Schedule, Messaging, Teaching diary, Attendance, Assignments (& verification process), Split/combined classes, Leaves, Holiday calendar, Reminders etc. Camu provides iOS, Android based native apps for Staff, Students & Parents.

Secure & Reliable

Camu takes security seriously. Permission based user roles, two-factor authentication, HTTP-SSL/HTTP2, Account Lockout and extensive audit records, before & after images of data and a lot more. Camu provides a customisable two-factor authentication for selected transactions. Camu runs on a highly secured cloud platform, with very rigid data access policies in place. The data-backup is encrypted and stored in several geographical locations for disaster recovery purposes.

Multi Campus

Camu is designed to be a multi campus system. A group of institutions can be setup as a multi campus group with one managing organization which will have Reports and Dashboards with aggregated data. Camu makes it easy to implement a centralised admissions, billing, staff management and every other administrative process for all the Institutions under the group.


We understand no 2 educational organizations work the same way. Camu is customizable and designed to suit various educational institutes with fast implementation cycle.

Multi-Language Support

Camu supports Arabic, Thai, English. Camu enables local terminology changes to help each institute to adapt quickly as per their process. Each institute refers to a same terms in their own way which is completely configurable in Camu.

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